Cooper Service should always be the first place you call to avoid that awkward moment of finding out your truck is overweight at a weigh station. If your trucks travel with large hauls for extended periods of time, they will surely come across plenty of weigh stations. You do not want to find out that your trucks have exceeded the specific weight limits of the station. This could lead to excessive fines that only get worse the more overweight your trucks happen to be. And when you add on the possibility of additional court costs, penalty assessments, and potential repeat offenses, you can rack up an extremely hefty bill with an overweight truck. However, you can easily avoid these penalties at our top truck service station in Orland Park, Illinois. Our team of highly trained professionals will always take the time to thoroughly examine your trucks and their load to come up with the best alterations in order to ensure you never get blindsided with avoidable fines along your deliveries. Our service is always quick, efficient, and done with the utmost care in order to get your trucks back on the road at the perfect weight. Your company will never miss a beat, and your deliveries will always be on time when you choose our fantastic truck services.

Not only will Cooper Service make sure your trucks are never overweight at any weigh station, but we also offer the best service and repairs for oversized vehicles in Orland Park, IL. Servicing your fleet of trucks needs a particular type of repair shop capable of handling large vehicles. Our top truck repair shop serving Orland Park, Illinois, and the surrounding areas uses only the best and latest technology to ensure we get the job done right. Our affordable diesel service will make sure the overall performance of your fleet is always at the highest level possible. We also provide low-priced tire repairs, affordable intake repairs, low-price oil changes, and many other outstanding services and repairs to keep your fleet running. With over 60 years of experience with large vehicle repairs, our team of knowledgeable mechanics will undoubtedly be able to handle any issue your trucks may have. So if your truck breaks down mid-route, or you want to have your fleet inspected before a big delivery, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for the best truck service and repairs in the area. Our knowledgeable representatives are always standing by to ensure you get the exact service you are looking for.

You can find all of our fantastic truck services on our website. We even offer highly competitive prices for semi-towing in Orland Park, Illinois as well. Our team always provides expert service at great prices. Our team has you covered whether you need heavy-duty towing and recovery or flatbed towing. If you need complete semi-truck service, including overweight truck service, don’t get caught at another weigh station before stopping by Copper Service in Orland Park, IL first.

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