P.T.O. stands for power take-off, and is commonly found on tractors and commercial trucks. The P.T.O. is a splined driveshaft and can be used to produce power to another attachment or some kind of machine device on a tractor or truck. It can be connected and disconnected with ease and functions primarily to draw power from the engine of the tractor. P.T.O.s can also be found on industrial and marine engines. Carden shafts and bolted joints are used with these P.T.O.s to transmit power to some kind of secondary accessory, like a fire pump. There have been numerous reports of accidents with P.T.O.s and its associated shaft parts in the farming industry. Many tractor related deaths are caused by someone getting their clothing stuck in the spinning part, causing them to get dragged into the shaft, often causing serious injury or a fatality. Plastic guards have now been put in place on many tractors and trucks to prevent such tragedies, but individuals still need to take alot of caution around P.T.O. shafts that are plugged in.

Trucks use P.T.O.s for different power operations. The P.T.O. can be mounted in the truck’s transmission area where there are usually several locations for P.T.O. installation. All P.T.O.s have to match to the physical components of the truck’s transmission, and suppliers will need the make, model, and even serial number of the transmission so a perfect match is found. In most cases, the P.T.O. connects to the hydraulic pump allowing for the transfer of mechanical force via the hydraulic fluid system to some location around the vehicle that contains the hydraulic motor, where the energy is converted back into rotary or linear mechanical force for movement purposes. Examples include:

  • running a fire truck’s water pump
  • powering up a blower system to relocate dry materials
  • raise and lower a dump truck bed
  • winch operation for a tow truck
  • compactor operation on garbage trucks
  • operation of mower blades

P.T.O. failure can be problematic and cause your vehicle to stop functioning for the purposes it was intended to be used for. Not too many auto and diesel shops will make P.T.O. repairs, because alot of the vehicles that use P.T.O.s are simply too large to be brought into the shop. As a result, many workers find themselves having to make their own repairs which can be time consuming and dangerous, especially if you are not familiar with how this type of equipment works. However, there are some exceptions to the rule, and Cooper Service Inc. is one of them. This automobile and diesel shop makes P.T.O. repairs on vehicles of all shapes, sizes, and models. In addition, we offer maintenance and repair service, such as tune-ups, oil changes, engine repair, electrical repairs, and transmission repairs, along with many other services for your convenience. We are located in Orland Park, Illinois and have been in business for 52 years! If you have a question about P.T.O. or require a P.T.O. repair, just contact Don Cooper, proud owner of Cooper Services Inc. at (708)-349-7455 for more information.