Airbags save thousands of lives every year in automobile and truck crashes. The airbag system is designed to deploy itself upon a significant impact, thus protecting both the driver and passenger from life-threatening injuries. However, although the airbag system is seen as a lifesaver for many, for some, failure of the airbag system is more of an expensive nuisance. Airbag system repair is not exactly cheap, especially if there is a default with your system or your airbag deploys itself in a minor accident or when you bump into a curb. This has happened to many people and has led to questions about whether or not they should have their airbag systems deactivated.

First, let’s look at the basics of an airbag system before we talk about problems. There are three parts to the airbag system. The first part is called the airbag module and has an inflator unit, along with a lightweight airbag. Many modern-day vehicles (but not all) have airbags located on both the driver and passenger side of the vehicle. The driver’s airbag is located within the steering wheel, while the passenger’s airbag module lies within the instrument panel. The passenger airbag, when inflated, is larger than the driver’s airbag because the distance between the instrument panel and the passenger is greater compared to the distance between the driver and the steering wheel. There are also crash sensors located in the front of the vehicle or by the passenger compartment. Some vehicles have multiple sensors and are activated during heavy-duty front and rear-end crashes. There is also a diagnostic unit that watches the readiness of the airbag system. If the unit finds a problem, a warning light will come on and the driver should then take his or her vehicle in for an inspection of the airbag system. This may mean an air bag system repair job depending upon the problem. Some vehicles may also have an on/off switch, which will deactivate the airbag on its own.

Airbags are more beneficial than problematic, and drivers should always wear a seatbelt in addition to having an airbag system within their vehicle. If your airbag deploys on its own or the diagnostic warning light comes on indicating a problem with your airbag system, then you will need a reliable professional that can fix the problem. Once an airbag deploys, it has to be put back in place. Some drivers complain that their airbag system is faulty because it deploys on low impact. The driver can choose to have his or her system deactivated or purchase a vehicle that is not equipped with an airbag system. Cooper Service Inc. performs air bag system repair jobs in case your airbag unnecessarily deploys or the warning light comes on indicating a potential problem with the system. We use the latest scanners and technological devices to find out what is causing your airbag system to not function properly and have a well-trained crew that will make the necessary air bag system repair required. Our family-owned business is all about caring about the customer and taking care of their vehicle in a quick, efficient manner at a reasonable cost, so you can get back on the road in no time at all. Remember, the choice of whether or not you want an airbag in your vehicle is up to you. Even though many modern-day cars and trucks are equipped with airbag units, you can always purchase a vehicle without this special feature. Problems with airbag systems fall in the less frequent category, but sometimes airbag units do deploy unnecessarily or have some kind of failure within the system. In the larger scheme of things, it is probably better to have an airbag system within your vehicle than not have one, and if there is a problem, then come to Cooper Service Inc. for professional service and a great caring attitude!