The ABS system, better known as the anti-lock braking system, prevents your vehicle’s wheel from locking up when you need to use the brakes. Modern-day ABS systems are very reliable, and problems do not come up very often, however, it is best not to completely depend on your ABS system. Be sure to leave plenty of distance between you and other vehicles. Brake fluid should be replaced on average around every 2-4 years depending upon the make and model of your vehicle, and only use manufacturer recommended brake fluids. Sometimes your ABS brake system may fail. Although this is more common with older models, it can happen even with newer vehicles. If your ABS brakes go out try the following:

  • Press down harder on the brake pedal, because it is possible that you have only lost your power assist.
  • Try downshifting and using engine compression.
  • If you have to quickly stop in a panic and have an automatic transmission, put the vehicle in reverse. This will probably damage your transmission, but could save your life!

As mentioned before, modern ABS systems are far more reliable than ones installed in older vehicles. In newer ABS systems, dirt sometimes accumulates in the sensors, and an ABS warning light will appear, shutting down the system. If this occurs, you can take your vehicle to a mechanic that uses specialized equipment (code-checkers), like Cooper Service Inc., to find out which sensor(s) were not working and then have the sensor(s) cleaned. Older vehicles (those that came out before 1993) usually have what is called an ABS-10. These older systems have encountered more problems, such as leaks in the master cylinder piston. Complete brake failure has also been noticed in some of these older vehicles. However, a wise idea to keep in mind is that no brake system is completely safe-proof. Electronic and mechanical brakes do often fail, and because ABS systems have numerous parts, along with the new technology of these evolving systems, the chances of a problem occurring augments even with new vehicles. For the most part, ABS systems are a good thing to have in your vehicle, but if you have a problem with your ABS system, bring your vehicle to Cooper Service Inc. This family-owned business uses the most innovative equipment and technological devices to diagnose ABS problems and can perform ABS system repairs on all makes and models. You can also expect, fast, reliable service from Cooper Service Inc. professionals, so that your ABS system is repaired correctly and you can get back on the road in a timely manner. Come to Cooper Service Inc. for an ABS system brake inspection or repair job, and find out what other magnificent services we offer to our customers!