Properly balanced and mounted tires can make all the difference between whether or not you have a good or bad driving experience with your vehicle. Tires that are out of balance can have an impact on the quality of how your vehicle rides. A vibrating sound may emanate when tires are not properly balanced and mounted correctly. Drivers typically notice some kind of vibration when they hit the 40mph speed. As the driver increases speed, the vibration tends to only get worse, so more than like you have a balance problem that needs to be fixed immediately. Improper tire balancing and mounting can also cause a variety of other problems, such as, shorten tire life-span, the wearing out of your shocks and bearings, along with wear and tear of other critical components of your vehicle. In order to have your tires balanced and mounted correctly, it is best to take your vehicle into a professional that can do the job right.

Professionals have special equipment and machines that will aid in proper tire balancing and mounting. Mounting machines and spin balance machines are commonly used in shops to ensure that your tires are balanced and mounted in a correct manner. Technicians will also ensure that your tires are inflated properly, with correct psi levels in each tire. Drivers should also consider getting an alignment job done, in addition to tire balancing and mounting. A 4-wheel alignment job will ensure that your tires are in a correct position and prevent uneven wearing of the tires.

Cooper Service Inc. is a family owned business located in Orland Park, Illinois that performs tire balancing and mounting jobs for drivers of all makes and models. We use the most innovative equipment and machinery when balancing and mounting your tires. In addition, if you want that alignment job done as an extra safety precaution, we use the Hunter 4-wheel computerized system to pick up any type of alignment problems with your vehicle. This allows us to accurately correct any misalignments on cars and trucks. By having your tires balanced and properly mounted, along with a good alignment job, you will extend the life-span of your tires, obtain better gas mileage, and have good steering while driving out on the road. Our family owned business has been around for 52 years, and we ensure the highest quality and most outstanding service in the business to each and every customer. We specialize in automotive and diesel applications, including cars, light trucks, and heavy-sized vehicles of all types and design. Come into Cooper Service Inc. today, and check out our fantastic services and professional teamwork at its best!