There are numerous things that can go wrong when driving your car or truck. One of the costliest and most dreaded breakdowns comes when you have a transmission problem or the transmission completely goes out and has to be replaced. Unfortunately, transmission repair and replacement are just are natural occurrence as your vehicle accumulates mileage over time. Once your vehicle hits that magic 100,000 mile mark, there is no telling if and when you may start experiencing transmission problems. Regular transmission maintenance is recommended by getting the transmission fluid changed out around 40,000 miles, if not before. However, the best way to know how to maintain your transmission on your vehicle is to talk to an expert, like Don Cooper, owner of Cooper Services Inc. located in Orland, Park Illinois.

The transmission is an important part in the operation of your vehicle. This part transfers engine energy to the wheels of your vehicle. It allows your vehicle to change gears, producing a reduction in gear ratio. If your vehicle did not have a transmission, you would not be able to travel very quickly. The gears help your vehicle maintain maximum performance, and without it, your engine is going to suffer big time problems. There are basically two kinds of transmissions: automatic and manual. Automatic transmissions allow the gears to change automatically, whereas with a manual transmission, the driver has to shift gears. Keeping your transmission cool and not submitting it to wear and tear will help this vital part last much longer. Transmissions usually take a while before they go out, but other repair problems can arise from time to time. Whether you need transmission repair or a full replacement, Cooper Services Inc. can assist you. This family owned business specializes in transmission repair and replacement. We offer transmission maintenance services such as fluid replacement and filter maintenance. We work on both clutch and automatic vehicles and only use quality factory parts from the original manufacturer when performing transmission repair and replacement functions. We can replace seals and gaskets, install a new clutch, or a novel modulator, or any other part related to your transmission that may be causing problems with your vehicle’s performance on the road. If your transmission needs complete replacement, Cooper Services Inc. can take care of the job in the most cost efficient manner possible.

Cooper Services Inc. is proud to perform transmission repair and replacement on all types of diesel vehicles including:

  • Ford Powerstroke Line
  • Duramax GM
  • Cummins Section Dodge
  • Caterpillar models
  • International models of all kinds

We also do transmission repairs on automobiles. It doesn’t matter what kind vehicle you drive, Cooper Service Inc. has a devoted professional team of experts that can assist you with any kind of transmission repair or replacement issues. In addition, we also offer a variety of other services such as, suspension repair, AC work, road service, alignment service (using the Hunter 4-Wheel Computer Alignment System for maximum results), and numerous other services to keep your vehicle in top-notch condition. Chicago area residents can always rely on Cooper Service Inc. for outstanding service and the use of modern innovative technology and quality parts to keep the “Windy City” on the go. Just stop by and talk to Don Cooper about any transmission repair or replacement issues, and receive great service with a caring attitude on your vehicle.