Power windows, also known as electronic windows, are a useful device in many modern day vehicles. These windows can be opened or closed by simply hitting a switch button instead of having to hand turn your windows using a crank handle. There are still many vehicles with crank handle systems, but due to the efficiency and convenience of power windows, more and more individuals are purchasing vehicles that come equipped with a power window system. Most power window systems are located along the driver’s side of the door, although some are located in the center console and back seat areas along the doors where passengers can have access to using the buttons. There are individual switches for each window and even child safety lock buttons that can be activated so that the windows will not roll down at all, unless the driver decides to deactivate the child safety lock button. There was alot of criticism about power windows years ago when there were reports of children opening the windows because they were playing around with the switch, stuck their head out the window and got stuck, leading to fatal suffocation. As a result, the child safety lock button was introduced so children could not roll the windows down by themselves, and now most vehicles only have the power window system located on the driver’s side of the vehicle which controls all the windows in the vehicle.

Power windows only operate when the vehicle has been started unlike older crank handle versions, which allow the driver to roll a window up or down even when the vehicle is turned off. However, this is a minor issue, and does not seem to be stopping the trend toward customers purchasing vehicles that have a power window system. Sometimes power windows systems fail. The window can get stuck, and clicking on the button will not raise or lower the window. When this occurs, it is time to take your vehicle into a professional auto and diesel shop, like Cooper Service Inc. for repairs. Depending upon the problem, the window can sometimes be easily placed back into position, but sometimes the inner panel of the door has to be dismantled in order to fix the power window system. This can be a bit costly, but professionals at Cooper Service Inc., will work hard and give you the best price, if there is a major problem with your power windows. This family owned business takes tremendous pride in every job performed. We work on all types of automobiles and diesel oriented vehicles using only the most innovative and manufactured specific equipment designed for your vehicle. Besides power window repairs, we do tune-ups, oil changes, engine repairs, electrical repairs, transmission repairs, along with numerous other services (including regular maintenance on your vehicle) that you will find to be convenient and satisfactory every time you come into Cooper Service Inc. Just ask for Don Cooper or one of his professional team members for assistance, and receive total customer respect and satisfaction on all levels of service, friendliness, and work ethic.