Your vehicle requires regular maintenance in order to maintain its proficiency and lifespan. A tune-up is one kind of maintenance requirement that should be performed on your vehicle on an annual basis. Tune-ups may not seem like a significant thing to have done, but not getting a tune-up can and will cause problems with your vehicle and will not help extend the life of your vehicle. A tune-up involves getting several parts on your vehicle replaced. A regular annual tune-up will not only enhance your vehicle’s performance, but will help extend the life of your precious vehicle. Tune-ups typically involve replacing the air filter. When your vehicle’s air filter accumulates dirt over time, it decreases the performance of your vehicle, because your engine will not be getting enough air to function at a maximum level. If the air filter is not replaced, the air-fuel mixture problem will augment and lead to higher levels of fuel and less air in the circulation process. This can lead to major problems and cause other parts of your vehicle to fail.

Besides replacing the air filter, a tune-up should also involve replacing or at least cleaning the spark plugs. A professional, like Cooper Service Inc. can tell you whether or not your spark plugs need to be replaced or just cleaned. The distributor cap and rotor should also be replaced, along with maybe the spark plug wires (this is not always necessary), the fuel filter, PCV valve, and the oxygen sensor. Annual tune-ups will keep your vehicle running in a smooth manner. While doing a tune-up, Cooper Service Inc. professionals can also inspect other things such as the brakes, oil level, air conditioning, along with numerous other services. Newer vehicles typically have what are called platinum spark plugs, and these do not have to be replaced as often as spark plugs on older models. That means when you bring your car in for a tune-up, the platinum spark plugs may not have to be replaced every time you go in for a tune-up (they may only have to be replaced during every other tune-up since these spark plugs tend to last for 60,000-100,000 miles!).

Getting a tune-up does nothing but help extend the life and efficiency of your vehicle. Cooper Service Inc. located in Orland Park, Illinois performs tune-ups in the highest professional manner. This family owned business treats every customer like a family member, and you will quickly see a hardworking, dedicated team of professionals, lead by Don Cooper (the owner) perform the necessary maintenance and repair jobs on all types of makes and models. Cooper Service Inc. only uses the most up to date scanners, devices, and other equipment to diagnose and fix vehicle problems in a quick, efficient manner that will save you time and money in the long run. A team that performs the job right the first time, like the professionals at Cooper Service Inc., will make maintenance easy and repair jobs less frequent on parts that have already been replaced several times by other shops. So come to Cooper Service Inc. for a tune-up today, and extend the life of your precious vehicle for many years to come.