Proper suspension and alignment are critical to maintaining your vehicle’s overall performance and help reduce the chances of parts wearing out. Vehicle suspension allows your car or truck to ride in a smooth manner and aids in the correct vehicle height. Good suspension also gives your vehicle the advantage of being able to take on shock forces, along with maintaining proper weight support of the vehicle and enabling the tires to stay in contact with the road at all times. Car and truck drivers should always have their shock absorbers checked for regular inspection in case they require replacement. Shock absorbers are apart of your car and truck’s suspension system, and they are constantly put to the challenge of working hard when you are driving on bumpy or uneven road surfaces. Bad shock absorbers that experience wear and tear can lead to safety issues while you are driving. When the shock absorbers have been worn down, there will be a significant decrease in how your tires make contact with the road surface, and this can lead to poor braking distance in case you have to stop. In addition, your tires will wear out more quickly and tend to bounce more while you are driving. You may notice this and other things like poor braking performance and noise as symptoms to a shock absorber problem. Always ensure your vehicle’s suspension system is up to par in order to maintain maximum safety while driving on the road.

Alignment is another important factor when driving a car or a truck. Improper wheel alignment will cause tires to wear out faster, higher fuel consumption rates, and poor vehicle handling while driving. Drivers tend to notice that their car or truck will pull to one side when their alignment is out of place. Your vehicle’s alignment can be affected by hitting a pothole or a bump in the road, driving over railroad tracks, or just driving on uneven surfaces. Proper alignment and tire rotation will keep your vehicle performing at its maximum level on the road, and reduce the chances of unnecessary wear and tear on your tires. Four wheel alignments are typically preferred over two wheel alignments. Two wheel alignments only focus on the front wheels and not on all four wheels. Although, four wheel alignments are a bit more expensive, they are well worth the price when it comes to maintaining your car or truck.

When suspension and alignment problems arise, you need a reliable professional that can take care of the problem and help you maintain the life of your vehicle by offering regular inspections. Cooper Service Inc. is a family owned business serving Orland Park and the greater Chicago area, giving “Windy City” residents reliable, fast, and caring automobile and diesel vehicle services. Don Cooper is the owner of Cooper Service Inc. and takes tremendous pride in everything he does. His family owned business uses the most up to date and innovative parts when repairing your car or truck. For example, this trademark automobile and truck repair shop uses the Hunter P411 model to diagnose wheel alignment problems, allowing Cooper Service Inc. professionals to accurately correct any front or rear alignment mishaps. This computerized system also enables cars and trucks to gain better gas mileage, reduced tire wear, and superior vehicle handling when steering. All of this equals efficient safety for the driver when it is time to hit the road again. In addition to suspension and alignment checkups and repairs, Cooper Service Inc. also offers numerous other services, such as, tune-ups, engine repair, heating and A/C repair, brake work, emissions and electrical repairs, along with towing services, if required. There is nothing that Don Cooper and his devoted team of professionals can not carry out to ensure that your car or truck performs at its peak level at all times. All makes and models are accepted, and you will receive a warm friendly smile every time you come in for service on your vehicle!.