The exhaust system on your vehicle is one of the most important components when it comes to your vehicle’s performance and driver safety. Trucks and cars have exhaust systems that guide dangerous exhaust gases away from the engine. Depending on the design or make of your vehicle, an exhaust system may consist of a turbocharger, a catalytic converter (which helps to decrease air pollution), and a muffler (usually found on American made vehicles) or a silencer usually found on European style vehicles to decrease noise. Exhaust pipes on cars are connected to mufflers and have to be designed in such a specialized way so that dangerous gases are emitted properly through the pipe, away from the driver. The pipe has to be highly heat-resistant, because most of the gases that pass through it are extremely hot. In trucks, the exhaust system is usually visible to the driver. Silencers in trucks are typically covered by a metal sheath so the people do not get burned if they happen to come into contacted with the heated silencer. Sometimes these sheaths are chrome plated for display purposes.

Manifolds and headers also play important roles in your vehicle’s exhaust system. The exhaust manifold collects exhaust gases from the cylinders into one pipe. Typically designed out of cast iron, many stock production vehicles have manifolds that use less metal and space, leading to lower production costs. As a result, you may end up with a more cost effective vehicle, but not one that has the best exhaust system that can eliminate harmful gases. Another more feasible option is a header. This special kind of manifold was designed with performance in mind. Designers of the header were not worried about costs, they focused more on how to achieve optimal flow of exhaust gases out of a vehicle. Headers can be purchased at a high-performance part car dealership or you can even have a header custom designed for your vehicle. Headers may be a bit more expensive, but when it comes to exhaust gas elimination, you are getting the best part that your money can buy.

When your exhaust system encounters a problem, take it into a professional immediately! You may not always know if there is a problem with your vehicle’s exhaust system. Sometimes you will notice white or black smoke being emitted from the tailpipe, and sometimes you may feel faint or dizzy, especially when your vehicle is stopped in traffic or at a red light. This dizzy or lightheaded feeling is very dangerous and could be an indication that carbon monoxide is building up within your vehicle. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a tragic, but all too common theme among today’s drivers. Always perform regular scheduled maintenance on your vehicle, and take it into a professional, such as, Cooper Service Inc. to have you exhaust system inspected and repaired. At Cooper Service Inc. we care about not only the life of your vehicle, but the life of the driver behind the wheel. Regular maintenance and inspections will decrease the chances of an exhaust system problem, but if you do notice a problem with your exhaust system, don’t play around with it. This type of problem could mean the difference between life and death of the driver behind the wheel. Cooper Service Inc. works on both cars and trucks of all makes and models. We perform numerous services, including exhaust system maintenance and repair. So come to Cooper Service Inc. today, and get the best service for your hard earned money, along with warm friendly smiles to greet you!