When it’s hot outside, you want the inside of your car or truck to be cool. Before the summer heat hits, get air conditioning service in Frankfort, IL, at Cooper Service. There are various reasons for your A/C system not to work or to work poorly. The certified technicians can properly and quickly diagnose the issue and perform the repair needed, and you’ll be driving in comfort in no time.

Air Conditioning Service Frankfort IL

Have your car or truck air conditioning service done now at Cooper Service in Frankfurt, IL, so you don’t get caught with your windows down when the scorching summer heat is unbearable. Some of the A/C system services we provide include air conditioning isn’t cooling diagnosis, noisy A/C diagnosis, A/C belt replacement, refrigerant leak detection, refrigerant recharge, replacement of A/C compressor, and replacement of A/C system components such as the condenser, hoses, switches, accumulator, evaporator, etc. We recommend having your car or truck’s A/C system inspected every year before the summer months, and at Cooper Service, we’ll ensure that your A/C is running optimally to minimize unexpected failures.

We all know it’s the worst situation when you’re dealing with heat, and your car or truck air-conditioning unit suddenly stops working. Cooper Service in Frankfurt, IL, offers air conditioning service for your car or truck. We believe in complete auto care and full auto repair by delivering a state-of-the-art A/C repair service to our customers in the surrounding areas of Frankfurt, including Orland Park, Homer Glen, Mokena, New Lenox, and Tinley Park. Don’t delay if you are experiencing air from your A/C feeling only slightly cooler than the outside temperature, mildew, and moldy odors coming from your vents, your A/C works only when in motion, with weak airflow, even at the highest setting or water is dripping onto your foot. Let the Cooper Service team evaluate and correct the issue if your car’s air conditioning isn’t operating at peak efficiency. Sometimes, fixing a malfunctioning air conditioner is as simple and cost-effective as replenishing the coolant. Sometimes, the repair is more complex. No matter what your A/C needs to run properly, the certified mechanics at Cooper will provide you with a detailed analysis of the problem, the cost to correct it, and the timing in which the repair will take. You’re always part of the process and the decision.

Auto Repair Shop, Frnakfort IL

Whether you need a complete A/C system overhaul or an air conditioning recharge, turn to the experts at Cooper Service. We are the Frankfurt, IL area’s leading auto repair and service shop offering auto and truck repair, towing, diesel and brake repair, engine diagnostics, alignments, tires, shocks and struts, transmission repair, and much more. With fast and friendly service, we are here for all your auto repair and service needs. Make every ride in your car comfortable by having an A/C service performed on your vehicle before the summer and at least annually. We can determine if something is ready to go wrong and fix it before it does. We are professionals and suggest you never try to correct your A/C unit alone. Our Frankfurt, IL, technicians have the proper skills and training to service your air conditioning system. They will use the latest tools and techniques to properly diagnose and repair the problem. They will inspect your cabin air filter to ensure that it is clean and not blocked, that there are no refrigerant leaks, that your compressor is functioning properly, that your evaporator is working as it should, and recharge the freon if needed. Don’t sweat it, and bring your car or truck to Cooper Service for air conditioning service in Fankfurt, IL.

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