Schedule your commercial fleet service for trucks, trailers, and cars with Cooper Service University Park, IL, for exceptional value and outstanding customer service. Keeping up with scheduled maintenance on your car or truck and trailer is essential to prolonging its operational life. Our service and repair technicians are experienced and knowledgeable about your vehicle maintenance manual guidelines and requirements and stay devoted to keeping your vehicle running in tip-top shape. Contact us for preventative maintenance services, and we will perform a thorough inspection and note any needed repairs. We can provide service for diesel, transmissions, brakes, tires, shocks, and struts, diagnose engine problems, perform alignments, AC/repair, do oil changes, and much more. Cooper Service is your one-stop shop in University Park, IL, for trucks, trailers, and cars commercial fleet service.

When your commercial fleet of trucks, trailers, or cars needs service, we can make it happen at Cooper Service near University Park, IL. Our high-tech car and truck repair and service facility specializes in commercial fleet service to safely keep your team on the road. We have over five decades of service and repair experience, and we always have your best interests in mind – getting the fleet back on the road! Choose a service and repair facility that consistently demonstrates quality work and successfully gets the job done right. The larger the vehicle, the more critical it is to handle all the details correctly, especially when providing commercial fleet service on trucks, trailers, and cars. You can depend on Cooper Service in University Park, IL. Should one of your commercial fleet drivers need a tow, you can get help quickly by calling Cooper Service for truck, trailer, and car towing near Unversity Park, IL. Including semi-truck towing, we bring solutions to the problem with expert heavy-duty towing and recovery service.

All of the technicians who work for Cooper Service are ASE Certified, and we hold affiliations with the National Federation of Independent Business. Cooper Service is family-owned and proud to serve the University Park, and the local area, with commercial fleet service for trucks, trailers, and cars. The mechanics and staff at Cooper Service can help you stay on a scheduled maintenance plan to ensure your commercial fleet stays in top running condition to reduce or eliminate problems down the road. We have numerous 5-star testimonials from past customers and invite you to read a few or read them all! You’ll learn that Cooper Service in University Park, IL is a great option to save on speed dial for commercial fleet service on trucks, trailers, and cars. We are here for scheduled service and to handle any emergency service you might need. Unexpected tire issues, engine problems, broken struts, and shocks can come about at any time, and we offer heavy truck and trailer towing and can pull your cars to our shop for service. With Cooper Service and the skilled and knowledgeable technicians on your side, your commercial fleet vehicle will be up and running promptly. Unexpected repairs are an unavoidable part of operating a commercial fleet. Problems with commercial vehicles mean lost time, not to mention missed deadlines and lost money. Whether you have a simple or complicated repair, our crews are trained to conduct each job accurately and quickly. It’s time to consider Cooper Service in University Park, IL, to be the go-to when you need a fast turnaround on commercial fleet service for trucks, trailers, and cars! Give us a call, send us a message via email, or visit us today. We’d love to talk more about your commercial fleet service and repair needs.

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