Cooper Service has been the area’s leading auto repair and service shop since 1956. Let us be your trusted car and truck brake service partner in Orland Park, IL. A properly functioning brake system is crucial for your safety, that of your passengers, and that of others on the road.

When you bring your car or truck for brake service to Cooper Service in Orland Park, IL, you’ll be met by a friendly team of professionals who want your brakes to work as efficiently as much as you do.

 If you’ve heard a high-pitched squeak when you press the brake pedal, a scratching or grinding noise when not braking, experiencing shaking or vibration when coming to a stop, your ABS dashboard light is on, or it appears to take more pressure on the brake pedal to stop than normal, it’s time to let the master mechanics at Cooper make a knowledgable diagnosis. With our routine maintenance and car and truck brake service, we can ensure your brakes grip every time you press the brake pedal without strange noises or lack of function. The Cooper team is trained in maintaining and servicing front and rear brake systems on cars and trucks in Orland Park and servicing the coexisting brake system elements like brake pads, brake shoes, rotors, parking brakes, drums, and hydraulic systems.

Many signs indicate that your brakes need attention, and you want to give them the best attention. That’s where Cooper Service in Orland Park, IL, can help with the expert car and truck brake service. Brakes are designed to wear out, and whether it’s anti-lock brakes or brakes on an older model car or truck, brake repair, replacement, and routine inspections may be necessary to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive. Have Cooper Service provide a brake assessment on your car or truck to properly identify the issues affecting your braking system. The certified technicians will provide a detailed estimate of what the required work will cost based on the particular problems of your brakes, time estimates, and parts needed, and explain in full what the problem is that causes your brakes to need the service we offer. Routine car and truck brake service will ensure the safety and reliability of your vehicle and save you money on costly brake repair bills if issues are left unattended. Let the expert Cooper Service technicians evaluate the condition of your brakes and, if needed, perform repairs or replacements.

Cooper Service serves the Homer Glen, Mokena, New Lenox, Tinley Park, Frankfort, and Orland Park, IL area for car and truck brake service. Most vehicles have different types of brakes: disc brakes, drum brakes, and hand brakes. No matter your vehicle’s brake system, they endure a lot of wear and tear, so even the best brakes can fall into disrepair. The best way to ensure healthy brakes is to inspect them regularly and take them to be serviced at Cooepr Service Auto and Truck Repair at the first sign of trouble. Brake maintenance will help your vehicle maintain one of its most important functions – stopping. If you hear grinding or screeching, your car pulls left or right when using the brakes, shakes, or the steering wheel vibrates, get a brake assessment and inspection right away. The sooner you have a brake issue diagnosed and repaired, the safer your vehicle will be to drive, and the less costly it will be to repair than if you wait until the problem is so bad you can’t drive the vehicle. Contact Cooper Service in Orland Park, IL, for all your car and truck brake service needs.

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