There is probably nothing worse during the warm summer months when you are driving if your air conditioning system decides to go out. Cars and trucks heat up like furnaces as the hot summer sun beats down on them, and opening your windows offers little relief without a properly functioning air conditioning unit within the vehicle. There are many different types of problems that can occur with your vehicle, whether you own a car or a truck. Let’s take a closer look at some problems drivers may encounter with their vehicle’s air conditioning unit.

  • Cooling problem your A/C system is not cooling correctly there is a good chance that there may be no refrigerant inside the system. Leaky hoses, compressors, or O-ring seals allow coolant to seep out and cause the system to not function properly. Older models tend to have more problems with leaks due to microscopic holes in the hoses compared to newer model vehicles, but even new vehicles can run into these kinds of problems. Have your A/C unit inspected regularly to ensure quality performance and any diagnosis of leakage.
  • On and Off Cooling cars and trucks on the road may experience cold air blowing out of their air conditioning unit for a while and then warm air suddenly starts blowing. When this occurs, the air conditioning system could be freezing up. Air and moisture are the most likely causes of this problem, as these two elements get into your A/C system and begin to form an icy coating.
  • A/C Unit is Making Noise-this is a good indication that the compressor is probably going out. A Cooper Service Inc. professional, like Don Cooper, could diagnose this problem and get an accurate fix on what is going on. The noise could also be caused by parts rattling together in the engine area, so it is best to take your vehicle in to get a professional inspection done before making any assumptions on your own.
  • Odor drivers smell a foul stench when his or her air conditioning unit is turned on inside their vehicle. This smell usually indicates that bacteria are forming on the evaporator. These bacteria particles can be cleaned by having a professional spray of special chemicals on the evaporator and blower ducts. It is thought by some people that inhaling these bacteria can cause a disease called Legionnaires Disease, but this is probably not true. However, inhaling this type of air is not exactly good for you either. It can cause throat irritation and inflammation, so be sure to get your car or truck checked out as soon as possible if this occurs.

You can always due a few things to maximize the performance of your vehicle’s air conditioning unit. When your car or truck has been sitting in the heat for awhile, open up the doors to allow some of the hot air to escape before starting your car or truck. Don’t blast your A/C unit on high right away; put it on a lower setting so it does not have to work as hard to cool the vehicle down. Gradually turn the unit up as you drive and the vehicle starts to cool down. Regular inspections are also required in order to maintain maximum efficiency. Cooper Service Inc. can check your air conditioning unit for you and perform any repair requirements just in case your unit is not functioning at its maximum level. We use the most innovative parts and up to date equipment to replace or maintain your vehicle’s air conditioning unit. A/C flushes, compressor replacements, and hose checks and repairs are just a few of the air conditioning services we offer for Orland Park area residents or for vacationers passing through the Chicago area that encounter problems with their A/C unit in their car or truck. Our family owned business is run with pride and devotion, ensuring that your car or truck gets the best inspections and repairs needed on all levels, whether you have an air conditioning problem or just simply need a tune up or alignment fix. Be sure to check out our service section for a vast list of services car and truck owners can rely on.