Modern-day electrical systems in cars and trucks can be complicated to understand, but essential components always require special attention in order to keep your vehicle running smoothly. The battery is a vital part of your vehicle’s electrical system. Without a battery, you would not be able to start the engine or operate any of the electrical devices within your vehicle (powered windows, radio, etc.). Unfortunately, batteries do and will eventually go out on your vehicle, requiring replacement. Most lose their ability to charge properly because of electrolyte loss or wearing down of the plates, along with chemical failure related to the battery connections. Most batteries usually last about 60,000 miles or so, but some well-built batteries can last quite a bit longer.

Another important part of your vehicle’s electrical system is the alternator. Alternators work hand in hand with your battery by producing electricity, which helps the battery maintain its charge. Alternators should last quite a while, but depending upon the type of power demands you use inside your vehicle, will determine how much stress you place on your alternator over time. All electrical systems in your car take up alternator energy, so the more you use these systems, the more energy you are using from your alternator. High-powered stereos, headlamps, defoggers, windshield wipers, and even brake lights all use up amps. The more you use your electrical devices, the harder your alternator has to work. Most modern-day alternators usually last at least 3 or more years, but alternators, like batteries are bound to go out, it is just a matter of time. Sometimes when your alternator goes out, you will have to replace your battery at the same time. This is because a dead alternator drains the battery of its charging capacity, so many vehicle owners end up with a double whammy when this vital piece of electrical equipment fails.

The starter is probably the most important element to your vehicle’s electrical system. Starters do exactly what they say; they allow the driver to start his or her vehicle. To put less stress on your starter and to help it last longer, start your vehicle with electrical components turned off. This includes blower systems, radios, and A/C systems. Once you start your vehicle, just gently ease these devices on to decrease stress and wear. Most starters go out due to age, over-usage, and heat-related stress. It is always best to have a professional check your starter system as part of a routine maintenance program for your vehicle.

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