Wintertime brings cold weather, and there is nothing worse than hopping into your vehicle with a bad case of shivers so you can drive to work. You start the engine, sit, and wait for your vehicle to warm up, noticing that cold air is blowing out when you first turn on the heat, and then slowly this air transforms into warmer air resulting in more comfortable conditions for your commute. Your vehicle’s heating system plays a vital role in keeping you comfortable during the winter months. Having an understanding of your vehicle’s heating system will give us a better understanding of potential heating repair problems that may come up from time to time.

Within your vehicle, there is something called the HVAC system. This system controls both cooling and heating mechanisms during the long hot summer days and cold winter nights as the seasons change. For heating purposes, this system can be a bit complicated to understand, but let’s try breaking it down in simple terms. There are rotating pistons that permit a compressed air and gasoline mixture to produce small outbursts within the cylinder, causing heat to build up. The heat has to travel somewhere, and the majority of it is filtered out through your exhaust system. However, there is a small amount that stays behind inside the engine, and the cooling system within your vehicle releases this heat so you stay warm. Your heating system requires coolant just like your A/C system does within your vehicle. Both cooling and heating are operated through a single system, called the HVAC. There is a heater core that enables heat exchange to take place within your vehicle. Coolant goes through the heater core and then a blower fan, which warms up the vehicle. Your heating system takes outside air and warms it up so you can stay comfortable inside your vehicle when it is cold. When it is extremely cold outside, it may take a while for your vehicle to warm up. This is because the engine is cold and needs to warm up. During this process, the thermostat will open so coolant can begin to circulate all around. As your vehicle continues to warm up, the heater core begins to store heat. This stored heat builds up so that your blower fans will eventually blow over this built-up heat and allow warm air to enter into your vehicle.

Heating system problems cause frustration and can be costly at times depending upon the problem. Blower fans sometimes go out or the heater core may leak it, because of corrosion factors. If there is a leak in your heating system, you need to get it fixed immediately. You may notice a leak in the system if you smell a sweet odor flowing out of your vents. The longer a leak goes, the more damage it can cause to your entire HVAC system. Cooper Service Inc. performs heating repair jobs throughout the greater Chicago area. Our family-owned business knows how important your heating system is for you to maintain maximum comfort. We work on both auto and diesel applications, including international models. Cooper Service Inc. uses the most innovative and up-to-date equipment and scanners to diagnose heating system problems. Our goal is to give you the best service possible without having to wait and wonder. Some heating repair jobs can take longer than others depending on the exact problem, but we ensure the highest quality of service in all areas of auto and diesel repair so that when you do get back out on the road, you will not have to come right back in for a “quick fix” job on the same problem that was not fixed properly from the start. We also offer numerous maintenance and repair services in other areas of your vehicle. For the best heating repair jobs in the state of Illinois, come to Cooper Service Inc. where family and businesses come together to give every customer quality, efficiency, and warm friendly smiles.