When we think of diesel, the first thought that usually comes to mind is trucks. Although most trucks run on diesel fuel, some cars also require diesel fuel to maintain overall performance. However, the majority of diesel-style vehicles are trucks, and these vehicles require diesel repair work at various intervals throughout the vehicle’s life. Most Americans use trucks for work-related purposes. Trucks are powerful and have tremendous towing capacity depending upon the exact make and model of the vehicle. However, trucks can also be used for recreational purposes, along with vans and RV’s. Regardless of what kind of diesel-style vehicle you decide to purchase, Cooper Service Inc. is here to help when your vehicle needs maintenance.

Finding a quality diesel repair shop can be a challenging task, but there are numerous diesel repair places all around the country that perform outstanding work at reasonable prices. Cooper Service in Orland Park, Illinois is one of these diesel repair shops. Our family-owned business has been performing diesel repair jobs since the late 1950s, and our customers receive warm, friendly service along with honest answers to any questions he or she may have about the diesel repair job at hand. Our job is to not only provide you with the answers you are looking for but also to ensure that your diesel vehicle is receiving the most up-to-date parts available on the current market. Our team of professional mechanics takes the time to make sure that all diesel repair work is carried out in a time-efficient manner, but not to the point of rushing the job. Some of our diesel repair services include Exhaust Systems, Electrical Repair, Transmission Repair, Tune-Ups, Emissions, and much more! We are proud to serve the Chicagoland region and the entire state of Illinois. Please come in today and find out about our diesel repair services and different pricing options for various procedures. Our family-owned business is devoted to all of your diesel repair requirements, and we assure you that quality, devotion, and outstanding service will be implemented into any diesel repair job needed on your vehicle.

Cooper Service Inc. specializes in GM / Duramax, Ford /Powerstroke, Dodge/Cummins Cat, and Navistar/International repair.