Routine diesel engine maintenance helps to ensure maximum performance, and when you need diesel injector service, see Cooper Service in Lockport, IL. Our mechanics aim to provide the most cost-effective service solutions for diesel engine owners seeking diesel fuel injection system testing, repair, and replacement.

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Diesel injector service is available at Cooper Service near Lockport, IL. We are a full-service, high-capacity diesel fuel injection repair and retail facility serving. Orland Park, Homer Glen, Mokena, New Lenox, Tinley Park, Frankfort, and surrounding areas since 1956. Most people think of trucks when talking about diesel repair, but some cars also run on diesel and need specialized care and service to continue performing optimally. Back to diesel trucks as they fit the majority and require diesel repair work at various intervals throughout the vehicle’s life. Trucks are used in force for work, towing, and hauling heavy equipment. People also enjoy diesel trucks for recreation or own a diesel motorhome. It doesn’t matter what type of vehicle you have; we provide exhaust systems, electrical repair, transmission repair, tune-ups, emissions, hydraulic parts, diesel injectors service, industrial equipment service, heavy equipment parts, and much more for any diesel vehicle! If you require diesel engine injection services, don’t settle for anything less than the excellence you’ll get from the Cooper Service team. They have the necessary skills, highly advanced equipment, and knowledge to master many crucial components that work harmoniously for optimum engine performance in a fuel injection system.

Cooper Service in Lockport, IL, is a full-service diesel engine injector service business. That means we can repair, rebuild, or replace almost all diesel injection pumps, injectors, and turbos. We will inspect your pump, injectors, or turbo and then provide an honest and fair estimate to repair, rebuild, or replace your component. We stress using quality parts, expert repair, and providing outstanding customer service. As a leading diesel engine repair and service provider in Illinois, our knowledgeable team members are ready and available to assist you with your diesel and hydraulic engine needs. The Cooper team of professional mechanics will take the time to ensure all diesel repair work is carried out efficiently and correctly. Although we can service and repair any diesel engine or system, we specialize in GM / Duramax, Ford /Powerstroke, Dodge/Cummins Cat, and Navistar/International repair.

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Call or stop by the service and repair shop in Lockport, IL, today and find out about the diesel fuel injector services offered at Cooper Service and different pricing options for various procedures that will improve fuel efficiency, provide consistently high performance, lower engine emissions, decrease the risk of unexpected problems, and prevent costly repairs. We can also assist with scheduling and timing for your diesel engine’s preventative and proper maintenance needs. You most likely need a diesel fuel injector service if you notice a problem, such as black smoke, power loss, or unburned exhaust fuel. As part of the fuel injector testing process, we will measure solenoid response time, record the start of injection time, check the fuel delivery at different RPMS, and check the fuel pressure at the fuel inlet and return. Because manufacturers today have advanced electronically controlled turbochargers and fuel injectors, the diesel mechanics at Cooper Service stay current on the latest technologies available through continuing education and ASE certification. Count on the Cooper team, which has over 65 years of experience, to keep your diesel truck, fleet, car, or recreational vehicle in top running condition with diesel fuel injection service at Cooper Service in Lockport, IL.

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