Whether you are a hobbyist or a true car collector, classic cars are welcome at Cooper Service in Tinley Park, IL. The highly skilled and trained team is passionate about classic car repair work. Whether minor repairs for late-model vehicles or extensive overhauls for classic models, the Cooper Service team possesses the expertise to complete the job perfectly.

Don’t bring your dream car to any repair and service shop. Classic cars are welcome at Cooper Service in Tinley Park, IL. We provide maintenance and repair services such as general repairs, service and maintenance, traditional mineral oil, zinc and synthetic fluid changes, lube and filter, suspension and chassis, heating and air conditioning, and chassis stiffening and sub-frame connectors. Bring your classic car to a Cooper Service mechanic for regular oil changes as an essential part of any car tune-up. While today’s cars might only need a tune-up every 50,000 or 60,000 miles, that is not true for classic cars. You might need a tune-up every 15,000 miles, depending on the make and model. We specialize in emissions tuning for late-model high-performance engines and offer bolt-on modifications for muscle and vintage car tune-ups. We can help with services provided for fuel injection systems, independent front and rear suspension systems, overdrive, multi-speed automatic and manual transmissions, dual exhaust systems, high-performance engines, high-performance brakes, cooling and transmissions, suspension and chassis tuning, and much more to keep your classic car running at peak levels.

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Cooper Service in Tinley Park, IL, welcomes classic cars and any other vehicle you own that needs auto repair and service. Ask about our towing services and semi truck repair. Our master mechanics do it all and get it right the first time because we know the importance of keeping your car running at its best at all times. Suppose your classic has been sitting for some time. In that case, you might want to consider modernization auto service options like a 12-volt conversion for the car’s electrical system,  adding modern audio systems,  brake system upgrades, repair/replacement or fabrication of wiring harnesses,  steering system upgrades, front-end conversions,  differential conversions, and rebuilds, and exhaust modernization and customization. Bring your classic car to Cooper Service in Tinley Park, IL, for the expertise you and your car deserve. Classics are different than the newer models of today. The fuel delivery systems are different. The ignition systems are different. The transmissions are different. You want a highly skilled and trained team working on your car, from the smallest service or repair needed to a complete overhaul. That’s Cooper Service, serving the Tinley Park area for more than 65 years and providing the best in automobile services for all makes and models of cars, trucks, and semi-trucks.

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At Cooper Service, we proudly offer a wide range of auto service and car repair solutions for classic car owners and the surrounding area. Without a doubt, finding the correct parts is the hardest part of classic car repair. Not for the Cooper team! We have access to various parts for classic car service and repair, which leads to a quick turnaround time and lower prices for you. We are well known for our quality repairs, affordable prices, and attention to detail. Stop by to meet the Cooper team and get straightforward answers to your questions and viable suggestions, and if you need a tow to get your car to us, let us know. The Cooper Service team in Tinley Park, IL, welcomes classic cars and is ready to assist with any service or repair so you can get back to enjoying your dream car.

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