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Classic Car Repair Orland Park

Business owners who are looking for a great place for fleet truck repair Orland Park, IL can look to Cooper Service to get the job done right. Our family owned business has been serving the diesel community for over 52 years, providing clients with traditional small business values. We get to know each and every one of our customers personally so that we may better serve them to the best of our ability. We enjoy that we are able to not only provide our customers with high quality service, but with a relaxed and friendly environment as well.

Cooper Service is one of the best places to go for fleet truck repair Orland Park, IL diesel owners can appreciate. Our diesel repair services include ABS systems repair, air conditioning service, brakes, electrical repair, emissions repair, oil changes, tire balancing and mounting, as well as several other automotive services. We also do motor home repairs for those who are needing to get their recreational vehicle fixed. We hire only the best mechanics that will ensure that the job is done efficiently and properly, because these mechanics are doing what they truly love.

No matter how big or small your commercial fleet may be, it is important to visit a good fleet truck repair Orland Park, IL shop. Cooper Service will take care of your fleet vehicle as soon as possible, so your business suffers as few losses as possible. We also recommend routine maintenance to keep your vehicles from breaking down nearly as bad as they could. If you visit our shop and keep your diesel trucks fine-tuned, you may never have to worry about breaking down at all. Regular maintenance is one of the keys to keeping your vehicle running in high gear.

Here at Cooper Service, we are not just a top fleet truck repair Orland Park, IL automotive repair service. We also offer roadside assistance, to keep both your drivers and vehicles safe if they break down during travel. We will tow your vehicle to our shop so that you never have to worry about an employee being stuck in a dangerous position, not to mention that your vehicle being towed to our shop means that we can begin repairing problems as soon as it arrives.

For fleet truck repair Orland Park, IL business owners can trust, turn to Cooper Service, where we will get to know you and treat you with the respect and care that you deserve, because your business matters to us. With so many big businesses out there, it is nice to know that family business are still around to truly care about and appreciate their customers. Whether you are a diesel business owner or an owner-operator of your own diesel, we hope that every individual will come and see just what the Cooper Service difference is. At our automotive diesel repair shop we treat everyone like family.


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