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Need Commercial Storage Space?

Cooper Service offers very competitive Winter/Summer Rates!

We have a large outdoor yardspace with storage containers which can be configured to meet your specific needs.

Rates starting at $50 per month.


Storage Space

Boat Storage

The joys of owning a boat go beyond what most people are able to afford these days, but boat storage can be tricky depending upon the size of your garage and driveway. Many of us adore boats, and the dream of owning one is really not too far out of reach. After all, your hard work should pay off in some shape or form, and owning a boat is a great way to showcase your success and the hard work you have put forth in this hectic world. If you are lucky enough to own one of these beautiful recreational toys, then you know that boats can take up a lot of space in your driveway. Many boat owners also are car owners, and sometimes there is simply not enough space for both of these large items to fit into the garage or driveway. So you look for other options in the boat storage category, but where to you go to store your boat?

There are numerous storage facilities all throughout the United States, but some have restrictions on the type of items you are able to store based on size and mass. However, there are some places that have ample storage space for mass sized objects, such as a boat. Cooper Service, located in Orland Park, Illinois is one of these places. Our family owned company has been around since 1956, and we have best been known for our outstanding repair and maintenance on cars, trucks, and RVs. However, Cooper Service offers more than just car and truck replacement parts and general maintenance. We have a large sized storage facility capable of storing your transportation devices. We have a vast sized outdoor space with storage containers that are capable of being configured to meet your specific requirements. We store boats, trucks, cars, recreational vehicles, trailers, vans, commercial trucks, and all the necessary equipment you need for these vehicles. Our rates start out at $50 per month, an affordable price considering the economic downturn many of us have faced over the last year and a half. Now homeowners no longer have to worry about where to store their prized possession.

Let's say you are not going to have any use for your boat until the warmer summer months roll around. Well, Cooper Service will be more than glad to store your boat throughout the winter months, or all year long depending upon your needs. We keep our boat storage facility tight and secure, ensuring that the owner has peace of mind when leaving their mark of beauty at our boat storage location. As a family owned company, we go beyond the ordinary needs of drivers and have expanded our vehicle repair and maintenance services to storage services, as well. No boat storage is too big or too small for us to handle. In fact we store vehicles of all shapes and sizes, along with other large bulk items that you have simply run out of room for around the home. Our boat storage space does fill up quickly depending upon what time of year it is, but one of our outstanding professionals will be more than happy to discuss your boat storage options with you. Please stop by today and get a great quote on your boat storage needs or any other type of vehicle storage requirements you may have in mind.

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