16400 S. 104th Ave.
Orland Park, IL 60467
Towing Services Available

Heavy Duty Towing
and Recovery:

Starting at $155

Flatbed Towing:
Starting at $85

Skid Steer Service Available

Load Transfer

Load Transfer Services Available

Auto Towing

Towing service is available throughout the Chicagoland Area, but prices vary depending on how far you require the vehicle towed and what type of vehicle you own. Auto towing can sometimes be very expensive depending upon who you decide to call, so finding a quality towing shop before an emergency occurs is the best course of action to take so you are prepared when an emergency situation comes up with your vehicle and you are going to require auto towing services. This means you are already familiar with the company's auto towing prices and feel comfortable with the service they have provided you in the past or have been referenced to this company by several reliable sources who have had nothing but good experiences with auto towing from the company itself.

A quality auto towing company is one that is not out to get your money, but one that cares about you as a driver and is willing to go the extra mile in order to get your vehicle lifted and off the road to safety. Cooper Service, located in Orland Park, Illinois offers outstanding auto towing service at very reasonable prices. We have been serving the greater Chicagoland area and state of Illinois since 1956, giving drivers the peace of mind he or she requires when their vehicle breaks down or in is an accident and needs a tow. Our auto towing fees start at $125 for heavy duty towing and recovery. Flatbed towing rates are $75, and we also offer skid steer service. Cooper Service is devoted to ensuring that your vehicle is towed in a timely manner from the accident or breakdown site, back to our shop where our professional mechanics will be more than happy to inspect your vehicle and find out what kind of work is required in order to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

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